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Born in Germany and later relocating to the United States during his teenage years, He's been lucky enough to experience different cultures and see a lot of the world. These experiences have played a big role in shaping his love for storytelling through film.


After finishing college, Martin found his true passion: telling stories through visuals. This led him to Los Angeles, California, where he studied cinematography at the Los Angeles Film School. But his education didn't stop in the classroom; he learned the ropes working as a camera assistant alongside some big-name Directors of Photography, like Phedon Papamichael, on movies that got nominated for Academy Awards.


His ability to blend art and technology makes Martin's work unique. Approaching with storytelling intent first. He's always on the lookout for new ways to combine these elements to create powerful, one-of-a-kind images without overpowering the story. He's skilled at using both old-school celluloid film and the latest digital tech.

With over twelve years of experience, Martin has shot feature films, commercials, and music videos for big brands, artists, and collaborators. His work shows his dedication, creativity, and storytelling skills.


Martin's filmmaking journey is far from over. Based in the heart of Los Angeles, traveling to shoot internationally. He continues to expand his skills in the ever-evolving world of cinematic storytelling. 

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